God Loves You Frontera, Chula Vista


Chula Vista, CA

The stunning sunset was setting at the beginning of the God Loves You Frontera, Chula Vista prayer rally. When the horizon was darkening at dusk, a group of believers and performers kept the “light shining” around the nearly 20,000-seat open arena through their motivating worship songs led by Dennis Agajanian, Jeremy Camp, Taya, and Marcos Witt, and most of all, a dynamic gospel message delivered by Franklin Graham. His message was translated into Spanish.

The strategic location of the event was only 9.9 miles from Tijuana, Mexico, a border city of San Diego, CA, USA.  San Diego–Tijuana, an urban agglomeration (also known as “conurbation”) across the Mexico–United States border, has a total population of 5,456,577 (2020 census). Many still live in the dark and need to see the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.   

In addition to earnest prayers of the believers and the working power of the Holy Spirit, teamwork, training, and tenacity were the primary keys in winning many people to Christ during the two-hour prayer rally on Saturday, March 9, 2024, held at North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre, Chula Vista.

Teamwork effort between the leaders of Southern Baptist and Bible-believing churches and the representatives of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, led by Mark Engelsdorfer, was one of the keys of accomplishment during the finale of the ten-city-Frontera Tour.  Teamwork was stressed throughout the seven-month preparation of the Prayer Rally.

Secondly, the importance of training volunteers was highly emphasized. Many SB churches and evangelical congregations participated during the Christian Life and Witness Training sessions in North and South San Diego, CA. Most of the trained volunteers/counselors participated during the night of the rally.

Lastly, the spirit of tenacity complemented the essence of teamwork and the importance of training believers. The positive attitude of the leaders and volunteers contributed to the overall success of the joint effort in reaching the lost community for Christ! Most of all, the prayer warriors faithfully prayed for the historic rally.

Nearly 6,000 participated during the Prayer Rally. We thanked God for hundreds who came forward, indicating their commitment to Christ. Our task of sharing the gospel continues. We are all commanded to share the Good News with the lost world.  With God’s help, we can win many, if not all, our world by joining our hands, praying, and faithfully reaching our families, neighbors, and the world. The Messiah’s mandate, over 2,000 years ago, is still in effect today! He said, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” Mark 16:15 NLT. Let us continue to do it TOGETHER! It’s ALWAYS BETTER TOGETHER!