Encanto SBC Community Fair

The Outreach Evangelism team of Encanto Southern Baptist Church held a community fair for the entire community on Saturday,  June 8th.
Families from the community came out and had a lot of fun. The event had music, games, and raffles for all ages. The fellowship for the outreach fair was very inspiring, as we provided faith-based materials such as Bibles, leaflets, and tracts. We had a fantastic time as personal testimonies were given, followed by the Plan of Salvation. Glory to God for an incredible event.
There were 279 people at our event, including 45 out-of-town guests.
The plan of salvation was offered. Four people from the community came for prayer. Most, but not all, of the community belong to another church.   Two of our out-of-town guests were Baptized!  
Members from our community, the workers, and all our out-of-town guests were very encouraged by what they saw. Great testimonies followed by The Plan of Salvation encouraged our workers. The Community Fair encouraged our community greatly!
We benefited greatly from using the San Diego Southern Baptist Association's party trailer. The community loved what the party trailer provided. The jumper, popcorn, cotton candy, and entertainment system impressed the community and our workers greatly.