What Is The Importance Of Mission, Vision, And Values?

Mission, Vision, and Values give direction to our Strategy, Tactics, and Goals. Each committee, team, staff will use our Mission, Vision, and Values to create annual goals to be presented in January.


Enlist, equip, and encourage churches for the spiritual and societal transformation of San Diego County


Assist churches to make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20).  We convene and connect partners to start and strengthen churches to transform our communities. Our mission is to assist healthy pastors to lead healthy churches to make healthy disciples.


We exist to start a church in every San Diego neighborhood to “Love God and Love our Neighbors”, working as partners for spiritual and societal transformation through good deeds and sharing the Good News of the Gospel.

VALUES (See Glossary of Terms)

  1. Discipleship
  2. Scriptural Integrity
  3. Servant Leadership
  4. Cooperation
  5. Diversity

Church leaders

We plant and strengthen churches

OUR SEVEN PRIORITES – Implementation

  1. Church Planting
  2. Church Strengthening/Revitalization
  3. Partnerships
  4. Pastors and Wives Fellowship (PWF)
  5. Enhanced Ethnic Engagement
  6. Partners in City Transformation
  7. Mexico Ministries

Glossary of Terms -- “Values”

Discipleship. Evangelism and Discipleship are not distinct but one process. The Biblical word “disciple” comes from a Greek word meaning “to learn”. The idea is that a disciple learns to live like Jesus, at home, work, and in the world.
God doesn’t need our work, He created the world without us, but he gives us work to do in order to disciple us. Another way of saying it would be, “the church uses work to develop people not people to work for the church.”

Scriptural Integrity. We believe the Bible is God’s revelation to mankind. The Bible, God’s word, is the plumb line for our decisions.

Servant Leadership. Servant Leadership is a form of leadership that is based on helping others grow while at the same time getting results for the organization, and is based on earned relational authority not by an organizational power or ego.

Cooperation. Working with people of good faith and good will to make a spiritual and societal difference in neighborhoods and communities. It is “loving your Neighbor”.

Diversity. God’s creativity is seen in his creation. Diversity is a reflection of the beauty and creativity of God. The Bible teaches we are all made in His image.