Meet the Staff
Judy Carlisle
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Judy Carlisle graduated from Campbellsville University with a Major in Biology and a secondary teaching credential. Her study of God’s Word began to take hold while in college through the effective …
Michael Carlisle
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Dr. Mike Carlisle, a native of Cincinnati Ohio, had an early faith experience in a small neighborhood Baptist Church and was later called into ministry as a freshman in college ...
Darcie Hatch
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Darcie Hatch, a California native, accepted Christ as her personal Savior at the age of 5.  She grew up in a Christian home.  Attended Christian college and went to work at Ponderosa Pines …
Julie McFadzean
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Julie McFadzean has been a Tax Analyst Programmer, Tax Preparer, waitress and cashier.  She was born in Ohio, raised in Pennsylvania and also lived in Florida, where her daughter, now a young woman, was …
Juvenal Gonzalez
Juvenal was born in Guerrero, Mexico and emigrated to the U.S. as a teenager to beome a migrant worker.  In 1988, he gave his life to Christ after a difficult battle with tuberculosis in North …
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