Dia del Nino


On Friday, April 26, 2024, Iglesia Nueva Cancion celebrated Dia del Nino. It’s a community event where we celebrate children. The purpose of this event was to share the gospel by connecting with the community through this event. In addition, our goal was for the community to know that there was a local church to attend where they could grow in the Word of God and connect with a community of believers.  Our church was able to share the gospel in both English and Spanish.

We estimate that around 200+ people, including children, attended the event. In addition, we were able to gather information from 50 families interested in learning more about Iglesia Nueva Cancion.

Although there was no record of people making a profession of faith during the event, we prayed with multiple members of the community who were broken spiritually. As a church we spent time sharing the Good News of Christ and praying for those in need and believe that in time the Holy Spirit will call lost people out of darkness into His Kingdom.  

 As a new church plant, for many of our members, this was their first time experiencing either serving, praying, or sharing the gospel. It was an opportunity for the members of Iglesia Nueva Cancion to get their hands on and be a light in their community. A new member of our church shared the following, “I never understood the importance and need of being active and engaged outside of the four walls until now. The power of the gospel and the urgency of being a loving and real church matter. It matters because lost people every day die without having someone pray for them and share the gospel of Christ. I see why it’s important to be a Church that is divergent and creates an impact.

Having access to the San Diego Southern Baptist Association party trailer has many blessings. We are blessed as a church to be able to have access to the trailer that has all the needed equipment for an event such as ours. We can’t imagine the cost it would be not having the trailer and the equipment provided. With the trailer, we were able to give away snow cones, popcorn, and cotton candy, and children were able to use a jumper. We were blessed as a church, and it made it easier to serve our community with those resources.

The overall goal of this event was to glorify God through giving gifts and the talents of the church. We were able to serve our community, people were prayed over, and servants had their first experience serving in this context. We sometimes don’t reap what we sow in the moment. But we look forward to seeing the seed of the gospel planted in Paradise Hills. We are praying over those 50+ contacts that we were able to connect with and will be praying that God calls those who are to be adopted into His Kingdom.