Christian Flag


      Pastor Raymond Lee, Pastor of See World Baptist Church, presented the church’s pennant or Christian flag to Judy Peterson, widow of Pastor Henry Peterson, on Sunday, April 7, 2024, after the 10:00 AM service of the Sonlight Church, formerly called “First Baptist Church of Bay Park.” Peterson served the Sonlight Church, other Southern Baptist churches, and military chaplaincy for decades. The memory and legacy Pastor Henry left behind will never be forgotten. He was faithful and served very well in God’s Kingdon on earth.  

      The emblem was displayed inside the Sonlight church’s auditorium for forty years. The special presentation was a huge surprise and brought tears to Judy. Pastor Henry was the original owner of the flag. The church officially retired it and presented it to Judy. It was a rare event that truly blessed Judy, her son John, and everyone in attendance.   

     The blue flag with a white cross in the middle symbolizes the presence of Christ at Sonlight. According to Bible scholars, “Blue symbolizes the divine and heavenly in the Bible, representing God’s power, authority, and presence, as implied in Exodus 24:10 and Ezekiel 1:26. It’s also associated with the law, righteousness, and obedience, as suggested in Numbers 15:38-39. Theological studies suggest that blue signifies the spiritual realm, reminding believers of their heavenly citizenship.” The white cross symbolizes the purity of the Son of God, the Founder of the Church and Savior of the world.