New Life Baptist Church Hallelujah Festival


On October 29, 2023, New Life Baptist Church, located in Spring Valley, CA, had its Hallelujah Festival. 

Our Hallelujah Festival had 200 people in attendance and consisted of trunks for treats, cookie decorations, food vendors (from our church members who have their own businesses) and Astro jumps. We invited all of the members of the community and everyone in attendance at our worship service to fellowship with us and have a good time in the Lord.

One of our workers informed our staff that they had no clue that a family-friendly church was on our street and that we provide a safe and fun experience for her children. She was very interested in knowing when our next event would be. We had five people who have continued to come to our worship services following this event.  We have had several people encourage us to continue putting on the festival on an annual basis.

Using the party trailer that we rented from the San Diego Southern Baptist Association, we were able to provide fun activities for our children and free treats.