Hardworking Crew Members

Cruise Ship Crew Ministry In Action


We would like to thank God for His goodness for allowing us to provide free transportation, encourage, pray, and share the love of God with some of the hardworking crew members of Disney Magic Cruise Ship (Entertainment & Security Dept.) and Princess Discovery Cruise Ship (Tech/Facility Dept.).

With God’s help, twelve (12) of the crew members prayed to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.
*From Disney Magic Cruise Ship:
-Roland (Ent. Specialist)
-Joel (Ent. Specialist)
-Topher (Ent. Specialist)
-Praval (Secu. Officer from Nepal)
-Gabindra (Secu. Officer from Nepal)
-Deo (Ent. Specialist)

*From Princes Discovery Cruise Ship:
-Alcyn (Sr. Facility Tech.)
-Monie (Facility Tech.)
-Jim (Facility Tech.)
-Michael (Facility Tech)
-Marlon ( Facility Tech)
-John Michael (Facility Tech)
*Please, pray for their spiritual growth.

*Cruise Ship Crew Ministry total acceptance:
To God be the Glory!