Each of the six regions in the San Diego Southern Baptist Association gathers monthly for prayer, encouragement, fellowship, and just-in-time coaching.  

Region 3 (North City) covers the city of San Diego from near the 8 freeway up to the northern city limits.  Our goal at our monthly gatherings is to keep things simple.  

On the Tuesday that we meet (11:30 am-1:00 pm), we share a great meal together, catch up on life and ministry, encourage and coach each other on a mission-critical topic (Word, Worship, Warmth, Witness, Works), and then pray.  

The pictures here are from our October gathering, praying for our churches, families, and more.  How about you?  Who are the co-laborers God has put you around to do ministry with?  How can you gather with them to share openly and honestly about life and ministry and to pray?  

Just keep it simple.  It’s worth it!