I'm fully vaccinated  & boosted…... No, I don't know "what's in it". Neither this vaccine nor the ones I had as a child. Nor do I know what's in the 11 secret herbs and spices at KFC. I also don't know exactly what's in Ibuprofen or any other painkiller - they just treat my headaches & my pains. I don't know what's in tattoo ink, botox and fillers, or every ingredient in my soap, shampoo or deodorants. I don’t know the long term effect of mobile phone use, or whether or not that restaurant I just ate at REALLY used clean foods and washed their hands.
There's a lot of things I don't know.
I do know one thing: life is short. Very short. And I, personally, still want to do things. I want to travel and hug people without fear, and find a little feeling of life "before".
Throughout my life I've been vaccinated against many diseases: Measles, mumps, rubella, polio, chickenpox, hepatitis, influenza, tetanus. We trusted the science, and never had to suffer through or transmit any of those said diseases.
I'm vaccinated. Not because I’m a sheep or to please the government. Not to make other people do it. But I don't want to:
* die from Covid-19
* clutter a hospital bed if I get sick
* not be able to hug my loved ones 
* not be able to travel & enjoy events
* live my life in fear
Can't say it any clearer. I'm vaccinated for me and I wear a mask for you. 
Copied & pasted. Feel free to do the same ❤️
I did.