SDSBA Regional Video



This strategy allows our church leaders to gather in their area, making it easier and reducing the travel time. Each region has both a convener and co-convener to provide support, encouragement, and partnership in ministry.

Each region has more than twenty SDSBA participating churches, with many others that are welcome to join. Churches are Kingdom entities designed to make a spiritual and societal impact. Imagine, in the case of war, if these regions contained 20-50 military outposts in each region -- how powerful and effective! But, churches are not military outposts but coalitions of community residents from all walks of life. Their community is vital to them. It is where their children and grandchildren live, work, and go to school. And the churches in each region, working together, serving the communities, can make a decisive contribution. After all, churches, following the example of Jesus, understand the importance of serving others. Jesus taught, the greatest among you must be the servant of all.

Region 1 – North County West: Jim Britts, Co-Leader: Trace Martinez

Region 2 – North County East: Ray Owens, Co-Leader: Buddy Pritchard

Region 3 – North City: Kyle Walters, Obed Brefo

Region 4 – Central: Pete Contreras, Sean Beaudoin

Region 5 – South Suburban: Steve Boschen

Region 6 – East Suburban: Phil Herrington, Co-Leader: Sherwood Patterson