San Diego Southern Baptist Association UPDATE

In our last update, we anticipated California would issue a stay at home policy to help control the spread of the Coronavirus in California. As it turned out, that is exactly what happened. 
Church Situation
We are trying to provide resources that assist churches to stay connected through social media and internet based communications. Many of you have been doing just that -- and it is working.
Our www.SanDiegoToday.News online newsletter will continue to provide updated reports, stories, and helpful information.
Reports are coming in that many of our churches have more people listening to their messages and service through online connections than actually attended church in the past. God is opening new ways to provide biblical encouragement, hope, and Gospel presentation than ever before. AMAZING!
Some of our churches are finding creative ways to provide resources such as food and water. One of our new Churches, Anthem, led by Pastor Chase Feindel, in North County, has been able to do just that -- to all of you who are praying, serving, and finding new ways to minister -- we applaud you! Only God can bring good out of the worst times.
Let’s continue to pray for our pastors, leaders, and church members as well as our world during this global outbreak. Let’s pray for healing in our communities and seek God’s plan to overcome this present health threat. Don’t forget this is an opportunity to share our faith as the world is filled with uncertainty.