Pastors and Staff


    • Pastoral Support – Monthly Coaching Network

      Pastoral support and counsel, when needed, is available through the Director of Missions. Association lunch meetings are available monthly for training, support, inspiration and fellowship with SDSBA ministers and staff.

    • Church Revitalization Cohort

      This group meets monthly for peer to peer support, coaching, and training.

    • Church Outreach Marketing

    • Church Growth Strategies and Execution

    • Church Legal Services

    • New Church Planting Support

      Member churches giving to the SDSBA allow us to plant new churches and have a united presence and unified strategy in all of San Diego County. New Church funding, resources, assessment, and more are also available through our SBC partnerships.

    • Community Impact and Regional Representation

      The Association represents our SBC churches, and creates a presence – an atmosphere of good will – creating regional relationships with government agencies, schools, nonprofits, and more.

    • Executive Board

      SDSBA is led by a 15-member Executive Board.  The Executive Board is a three-year term.