AB 506 Compliance Tools and Support


In our role of serving ministries in California, the California Southern Baptist Convention is working to develop authoritative resources for the ministries we serve. We’ve been following the law and making sure that our ministries have all of the resources to comply with the requirements of AB 506 in California.  

In the past, the standard of care for churches hasn’t been clearly defined.  Now, we are appreciative that we have specifics on the minimum requirements for each ministry.  Of course, every ministry should do more than what is outlined in AB 506, and those enhanced protections should be developed and tailored to each ministry. Also remember that what has been largely misunderstood about AB 506 is that, while this does address some areas of abuse prevention, it really does a great job in training our employees and youth volunteers on how to properly identify abuse and neglect, and ABCs of reporting it quickly to an outside entity.  It broadens our perspective to include abuse and neglect that could be happening in area of a child’s life… in the home, at school, with friends, anywhere.

Our AB 506 webinar was a great success. We are thankful so many took the time to join us. For those who missed it, and for those who would like the additional resources, CSBC has compiled everything you need to navigate AB 506 in one place. Click the link to find, a recording of the webinar, and much more.

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