Women’s Ministry Equips Women to Share Their Faith and Serve


When churchgoing women describe the impact of women’s ministry on their lives, they include opportunities to serve and share the gospel.

Twice in my career I have worked from an office in the center of a city. There are many sounds—such as truck engines, sirens, and horns—that reverberate in a city. But another sound was also present in these cities: the sound of church bells ringing.

I’ve never lived near a church that rang a church bell, but downtown it was part of the regular rhythm of my day. The sound would echo through the concrete and steel structures, resonating and holding notes even as they faded away.

Much of what is possible in a local church should occur much like a church bell. The action of coming together as believers should not only glorify God in the moment but resonate back into the community. Even if these reverberations are not as loud or as detailed as the expressions of truth at church, they still share the beauty of the body of Christ in the places we go.

When female churchgoers describe the impact of women’s ministry on their lives, it sounds like a bell ringing. There are certain benefits that are clear and immediate. And there are lasting impacts that have the potential to resonate in their lives and the lives of those around them.

Women’s ministry has benefits that ring true immediately

As churchgoing women we surveyed think about activities designed for them at their churches, they are quick to point to the relational connections they foster in women’s ministry and how Bible studies and discussions bolster their walk with God. These ring loudly because of the impact on their lives. They ring true as they meet deep needs, and they ring sharply as the benefits are often immediate.

When asked if women’s ministry is for them, typical responses from churchgoing women were:

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