"Fire by Night" at Mesa Church


During the Summer Months, Mesa church pushes pause on community groups, which meet in homes and takes time to prioritize spending time as a complete church body. In order to accomplish this, we host family fun nights every other Wednesday night where the goal is to enjoy fellowship with one another and to invite our neighbors to take part in an authentic community. We grill food, play yard games, and, thanks to the availability of the San Diego Southern Baptist Association party trailer, are able to provide a bounce house and other fun snacks! This is a simple, effective, and authentic way to engage our neighbors and share the light of Jesus with them!

These events typically have a great turnout! We had roughly 15 elementary-aged kids, who had the gospel explicitly shared with them, as well as about 35 adults.

These events are part of a chain of events to show our community that they belong in the body of Jesus. We have not had anyone profess faith as a direct result of these events, but we have had several people become heavily involved with our church after attending "Fire By Night" and later profess faith.

We are lucky enough to have five summer missionaries provided by GenSEND at our church. These missionaries look forward to "Fire By Night" because of how authentically it engages the community. They look forward to going into neighboring apartment complexes and inviting families to spend time with us. Most of them would tell you that the ministry of our Wednesday Night programming is their most fruitful time of relationship building.

The San Diego Southern Baptist Association party trailer allows us to have a higher attraction from the community. Families that are walking down the street see the popcorn machine and bounce house and want to know what’s going on. This trailer allows us to draw people to our property, where we are then able to engage with them and share the gospel with them.

Every time we rent the trailer, it’s a huge hit! Without fail, families love coming to events where we have the elements generously provided by the trailer. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to use the trailer in order to engage with families in our neighborhood!