Easter at New Song Community Church


Easter at New Song was “almost back to pre-Covid normal.” People in our neighborhoods were interested in coming to church!

For two decades now, New Song Community Church has been working on a “Seven-Week Ramp Up” to attract newcomers on Easter.

Seven weeks before Easter, we hand out “Seven By Seven” prayer cards, asking everyone to write down the names of seven people they’d like to invite for Easter. We ask them to pray for these people every day for the next seven weeks.

Five weeks before Easter, we give out “Random Act of Kindness” cards, asking everyone to begin performing random acts of kindness, like paying for the coffee of the person in line behind them and giving them this card.

Three weeks before Easter, we ask everyone to place an “Easter at New Song" yard sign in their front yard and an “Easter at New Song” bumper sticker on their car.

Two weeks before Easter, we ask for candy donations and for new volunteers to join one of our Sunday ministry teams. We also log 100 hours of prayer by enlisting 25 leaders to invite four friends to pray with them for an hour for God’s favor on Easter.

A week before Easter (Palm Sunday), we preach on invitational evangelism and remind everyone that Easter is our Super Bowl - it’s the easiest day to invite someone to church and the day more people come to Christ than any other day of the year.

On Easter Sunday, we present the gospel and invite people back for a high-felt-need series the following Sunday.

This year on Easter, we had a group of New Song kids each present a portion of the gospel just before Pastor Hal Seed got up to preach. 50 adults raised their hand for salvation in our live services, along with 9 from our online service and 27 children in our PromiseLand Kids program.