The Baptist Foundation of California Increases Investment Rates for Churches and Ministries


The Baptist Foundation of California (BFCal) is proud to announce it has increased its fixed fund rates. Starting July 1, churches and ministry organizations can earn 3% per year with BFCal’s long-term fund and 1.65% with its mid-term fund.

Existing clients will not have to do anything to benefit from the increase. BFCal President, Dr. Jonathan W. Jarboe, believes this will help California churches that are interested in building long-term financial resources. “We are seeing how finances are affecting Southern Baptist ministries right now,” said Jarboe. “We want to help churches in our state who are putting money away for future ministry.”

As churches see the impact of rising costs due to inflation, BFCal hopes its services will help them meet their financial goals. “God has placed each church in a unique situation to reach others with the Gospel,” said BFCal Chief Investment Officer, Rob Duncan. “Our job is to be a ministry partner by helping them use their resources for maximum Kingdom impact in California and around the world.”

Learn more about BFCal’s new investment rates and other financial services:

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